Thursday March 20th Job chapters 10-13

“Do you have eyes of flesh? Or do You see as a man sees?” (Job 10:4)

Is God out of touch with our reality?  As we look at our government leaders today one has to question “does this guy (or these people) even understand what the common person deals with daily?”  Many of our congressmen, senators and even our president at this point are career politicians.  You could say that they are out of touch with reality.  Legislation is often passed with clauses in them that the bill that has been signed into law does not effect the congress.  It is baffling, for example, that we are required to pay our Social Security tax and be lumped in with the rest of the nation without a choice while our representatives can opt out and set up their own retirement with out contributing a dime.  Some career politicians haven’t driven a vehicle in years due to staff drivers while some consistently bring legislation and regulation trying to limit our “carbon foot print.”  And at the same time  push their carbon agenda and fly personal jets all over the country!  Who knows how many years/ miles it would take a common person’s vehicle to produce as much carbon into the air as one cross continent flight?  There is a free barber shop located in the house of representatives along with a gas pump that is free of charge.  The GSA has thrown multi-million dollar conferences while some of those paying for these expenses cannot afford to put food on the table.  Not only can we see true apathy in some of these individuals, but we also see people who “just don’t get it” even if they wanted to grasp the plight of the common man; it is out of their reach and their understanding.

Job, in the above verse, is wondering the same thing about God.  Job is questioning “does God even come close to understanding my plight?”  This verse stands out once again as a plea for a Savior; a Savior that “gets it.”  Job wonders if God is the absentee land lord.  Although God is omniscient; He has shown us that He can, and does, empathize with us.  He came in the form of Jesus Christ and felt all that we feel, not from a distance as one scratching his head, but as one who can feel our pain.  He came as one who agonized over the conditions of man, one who wept over sin in John chapter 11, one who was burdened with what He had to do at Calvary, one who was concerned for the well being of His family when He said “John behold your mother…:” while on the cross, one who wept over Jerusalem and wanted to place His people “under His wings” as a hen would her young.  We serve a God who can empathize with us as we dwell in a world that is tainted with sin.  Don’t we serve an awesome God!   

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