April 17th Exodus chapters 13-15

In these chapters we see the illustration of our salvation.  God, in chapter 13, tells the people to remember this day and to celebrate it each year.  More specifically He tells them to remember that it was Him who had brought them out by His mighty hand.  This was very important to them and it is also very important to us today as we look at our own personal salvation.  As the people remembered each year what God had done by way of feasts and celebrations they could not embellish, or perhaps forget through the generations it was the very hand of God who had delivered.  They had done nothing special, they had not been faithful, or obedient; the people had not been valiant in time of war.  The truth is, the people were afraid, complained and wanted to return to captivity in Egypt.  As the story was told year after year God was given all of the glory for what He had done, not what the people had done.

For those who are genuinely saved there needs to be a reminder of the circumstances of our lives when God drew us to Him.  Romans 5:8 states: “But God commended His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners He died for us.” We were not seeking Him, but He was seeking us.  Romans 3:11 states: There is none who understands; there is none who seeks after God.” In the process of time in the life of the redeemed it becomes easy to fall into the temptation of judging others.  We begin, just as the nation of Israel did, to believe that we are just a bit better than the folks around us.  Our minds, flesh and the evil one, will allow us to think that we did something to merit our salvation.  My friends, He found us!  In His mercy He beckoned us.  We did not seek Him, understand Him or long for Him until He drew us.  We should have that mindset when we try to reach the lost.  Realizing that we are one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.  I think of my personal story of salvation in amazement.  I was lost and I had no idea!  I see now all of the circumstances and people that God put in my life to draw me to Him.  I pushed the Gospel away because i thought that I knew what I needed but I was completely ignorant of His grace.  But He pursued me as a parent agonizes over a wayward son or daughter; the God of the universe took the time to seek me out.  He sent His disciples to gracefully explain the Gospel to me in patience.  

The Israelis were no more righteous or deserving than the dead Egyptians floating on the shore that day.  But God showed grace to them that they might be bring the line of David who would bring the Savior of the world.  God has shown us unimaginable grace, undeserved grace, amazing grace.  How much more should we show?  How dare I look down my nose to one who has yet to believe!  I was there, right where he or she was, hopeless and unable to come to God alone.  When given the right perspective we tend to love the lost instead of judging and despising them.  

I long to be one of those disciples that God sent to me that i might believe.  My dad told me of the story of one of those men in his life.  My father was lost, un-churched and clueless. But there was a man that kept trying to get him to come to church to hear the Gospel.  At one point my dad told him that he didn’t have any dress shoes and felt uncomfortable going.  The man then said to my dad “If I were to buy you some shoes; would you come to church with me?”  Oh my!!  I may never be able to be like Christ, but if I could just be like that man; how great would that be?  His testimony, along with others won my father to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Where would I be today if it weren’t for that man?  A true look at the Grace of God will give us a heart for the lost. 

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