April 22nd Exodus chapters 28-29

We are now beginning to get into some of the ceremonial law here in Exodus.  I would be telling a lie if I were to say that this is riveting reading material; but non the less, it is important and filled with symbolism.  Just as in Genesis and in all other books of the Bible that we will soon read together, we see Jesus and our need for Him.  This morning I would like to point out just a few of the symbols given in these verses.

The Ephod:

The ephod was two long pieces of material worn over the shoulders.  On the ephod was to be engraved “The names of the the children of Israel.”  this is showing that the high priest would carry them on his shoulders as he gave sacrifice for them.  We see in Hebrews that Jesus has become our high priest and in strength He carries us to the very throne of God.  We, my friends, do not have the strength to gain that access.  It is only in His strength and care.

The breastplate of judgement:

This was basically a vest. This vest signifies that sin has been judged; and symbolically it is covering the heart.  We are told that we need to put on the righteousness of Christ.  Although sin has been judged; Jesus has paid the price and His righteousness is what is seen in the very presence of God; not our own, for our hearts are covered.

The robe of the Ephod:

My daughter Katie a few weeks ago during a BIble study asked me the purpose of the pomegranate on the bottom of the priestly robe.  I was not embarrassed to say that I really didn’t know.  Due to this passage, I did some studying and found the symbol and meaning of the bells and the pomegranate.  Scholars say that the bells represent the witness of the believer because one could hear him as he was coming and going.  The pomegranate represents fruit in the life of the believer.  We should back up our witness by our fruit.  The hem of the robe had a bell and a pomegranate, bell and a pomegranate all the way around.  The bells also served as a way to know if the high priest was struck dead while in the holy place during the atonement for the nation of Israel that occurred every year.  Long story short; out fruit needs to match our witness.

The other thing that i wanted to mention is the significance of the blood on the right earlobe, right thumb and the right big toe.  This signifies the need to hear the Word, do the Word and to walk in the Word.   God would later tell His people that they were to bind His word on their right hands and on their foreheads meaning that we should know and do His commands.

I believe that there is nothing written in the pages of the Bible that doesn’t somehow speak to us as modern day believers.  I am so glad that we are searching out these details together!  May God bless the reading of His Word in your life.

One thought on “April 22nd Exodus chapters 28-29

  1. Thank you for the break down! I struggled through these chapters and was struggling to understand what I was reading! Thanks this helps!

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