April 24th Exodus chapters 33-35

In yesterday’s and today’s chapters we see a recurring theme.  God has told the people many times over that He had gifted them with special abilities to make the articles needed for the tabernacle (which is the temple made in tents).  We need to understand that the temple was given as a symbol of the coming Christ.  The mercy seat is where all of worship culminates allowing for the covering of sin.  The tabernacle was set up in stages of worship with the Holy place as “the last stage” if you will.  This is all a picture of the redemptive work of Christ who has “Become our high priest” as it says in Hebrews.  God had given the people all that they needed to build the tabernacle and left it in their hands to do so.  Today we are going to look at the gift that God gave them in labor.

God had gifted certain people for certain gifts in order to build the tabernacle and furnish it.  The scripture says that he stirred the hearts of the people and gave them wisdom; He did this in order to meet their needs for corporate worship, forgiveness of sin, and to be an example for generations to come.  Each person had a unique gift to add to the work that it might be completed; and completed to perfection.  God stirred hearts, people moved and the task was completed.  

It is said that 20% of the church do all of the work and cover all of the expenses in church life today.  There are many people who fill a pew each week, that God has specifically gifted in order to reveal Himself to the world, who simply sit on their hands.  This leads to people who try to take up the slack; but all are not gifted in the same way.  Imagine if the ones who, in these chapters, were carpenters had to stop building in order to spin wool for the priests garments.  I am a wood worker and there are some people who are very impressed when I produce something out of a stump of wood.  In my mind, this is completely natural, and I love to do it.  My friends, if you gave me a needle, thread and material it would be a night mare!  I haven’t the faintest idea what to do with those tools.  When I see people who can make a garment, a quilt or whatever it may be with a thread and needle it boggles my mind.  It almost seems like a miracle to me that someone could do such things with thread.  But I am not wired that way.  We have people in our very church here at Bluffton Baptist who are gifted in certain ways but are left to fend for themselves in doing things that they are not, due to a lack of gifted people who will just not join in the work,  I have to wonder; Is God no longer stirring hearts?  Or have we just learned to ignore the stirring.  The people of Israel had an excitement about worship even though they had no idea that their work was pointing to the Messiah.  Our work’s purpose is plainly laid out.  It is Kingdom work to draw the lost to Christ; is there a more important work on the planet?  I do not write this with any angst, or anger, but bewilderment;  there is a problem when a group of eighty people cannot even muster up about four Bible teachers for a five day vacation Bible school.  Once again, the faithful 20%, even if that is not their gift, will change their hats, step in and teach.  Imagine how much we could accomplish if we each would use our individual gifts for the Kingdom.  But all too often we will have a seamstress with a heart for God in the wood shop trying their best to fill the gap for the dis-obedient.

My friends, If God has given you a gift and has stirred your spirit to use it; would you consider doing just that?  It is the only work that will matter in eternity. 

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