April 28th Leviticus chapters 5-7

As we are looking together in Leviticus it may seem like there is nothing here for the Christian now that Christ has come. But there is much here for us, even today in the twenty-first century. We are going to take notice of two thing from yesterday’s reading and today’s:
When God set up the sacrificial system, that points to His sacrifice, God made the ugliness of sin, and it’s penalty death, a reality check. As we see in the fist few verses of chapter one. First the command is given for the one who is bringing the sacrifice to place their hands on the head of he animal. I believe this has a two-fold purpose; first it is signifying that his sin is symbolically being passed on to that animal. This shows that it more than a mere “payment” for sin, but symbolic that sin equals death and something is losing it’s life. The wages of sin is death, we read in Romans, it is not the loss of property. Secondly it forces the one sacrificing to look directly into that animal’s eyes so, I belive, it becomes a personal and sad matter. There was no covering of the brutality of the killing of the animal or the blood that would be everywhere. It was not like a movie where someone or something instantly dies when it is wounded. The animal’s throat was slit and it bled out. The person would actually watch the life drain from the animal that they had just placed their hands on. This is a very stunning powerful picture of the cost of sin.
The other thing that we notice in today’s reading causes me fear; not only for myself, but for all men. There is a recurring phrase used when speaking of someone offering a sacrifice. This phrase gives me great stress as I look at my life: “if you have un-intentionally…” If you will take notice as you read, there is no sacrifice mentioned for sin that is done intenionally. Is there any wonder why the people in Nehemiah’s day and the people of Josiah’s day wept at the reading of the law. We can so easily forget the call to obedience while living in the era of Grace. As Paul said “Should we continue in sin that grace should abound? Definitely not!” (not a word for word quote).

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