April 29th Leviticus chapters 8-10

Today starts a new section of the Law: The consecration of the priests, then in chapter 10 a narrative begins instead of a list of things that must be done by the priests.  Today we will look at chapter ten.

This seems to be severe punishment for the two sons of Aaron.  They were instantly killed for what seems so trivial.  But if you will notice in the text, this was a direct command that was purposefully and willfully dis-obeyed.  The sons of Aaron tried to turn worship into their own creation, into their own personal way of worship by not following the guidelines that God had set up.  There is also an order of things that were listed and these men did not follow that order.  In using of “strange fire” we see that they did not follow the command to take fire from the alter.  I had to read up on this, because it is very puzzling as to why judgement was so severe and swift. But as we take a closer look as to what happened, we can see the severity of what had happened.  God can only be worshiped in His way.  We cannot make up our own rules to find remission for sin and atonement in Him.  We see now (hindsight is 20/20) the symbolism of all that was happening and the picture of Christ, our sacrifice and high priest.  We can choose to worship in other ways if we like, but it leads to destruction.  Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father but by Me.” We cannot decide that we will come into God’s presence on our own merit or our own will.  It is only through Jesus Christ.  We cannot mingle in what seems right to us in order to stand in a right relationship with Him.  There must be a certain order of things, things ordained by God.  First we must be drawn by Him.  Romans 3:11 states that “there are none who seek after God” and God must draw that lost person to Himself.  Secondly a person must be broken over their sin and confess their sin.  Jesus states this in the Beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5.  Then the person approaching God must repent of their sin.  There is no salvation without repentance (a turning from the old lifestyle).  After repentance there needs to be a trust placed in the sacrifice that was given in Jesus Christ.  We cannot deviate, change or “doctor up” these steps of worship.  This would be like changing the first three steps on a set of MapQuest directions.  Friends, if the first steps are not followed, we will never reach the desired destination.  Just like in the life of Aaron’s two sons; it leads to destruction.  

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