May 5th Leviticus chapters 24-25

As I read the text this morning Psalm 19:7-8 came to my mind:

“The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul; The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple;

The statutes of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart;The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.”

If we as a notion would hold to the Judicial teachings of the Levitical Law our lives would be so much better.  In looking at the laws of jubilee and the surrounding verses containing the judicial law,  we see that there is a constant theme of people not being able to take advantage of their brothers.  No matter how bad things get for a person or family, in time there was restoration.  There could be no one who sits at the table of a Monopoly game as a “winner” because they have accumulated all of the known wealth of a society.  We also see that the nation was not owned by the government as in communism and there was a work ethic because property and belongings were not shared as in socialism.  All models of government, including capitalism (which is the best thing going as of now), pale in comparison to what God had set up as a form of government and trade among a people group.  In the end, all people return to what God had originally given them. We also see the wisdom in the field.  God ordained periods of rest for the ground to settle and re-gain the much needed nutrients.  We need to remember this was before people had the science to know about rotating crops.  The Law of the Lord is definitely perfect. 

Sadly, instead of looking at God’s law and applying it to our nation, our government is giving in to those who even want to abandon the most basic of laws, the ten commandments.  We spend millions upon millions of dollars on prisons; interestingly enough, there were no prisons in Israel.  When law was broken, the perpetrator either restored what was wronged or he, for more severe occurrences, was put to death.  Friends, if the penalty fit the crime today, there would be much less crime in our nation.  But one day there will be one who reigns in perfection; this one is the one mentioned in Daniel’s vision.  He is the rock that was cut without hands that ground all the world’s nations into powder then became a great mountain that would be an everlasting kingdom.  I hope you feel the same as I do when I say “I just can’t hardly wait!” 

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