June 10th “a Pre-curser to the book of Judges”

Before we discuss our entering into the book of Judges I want us to look at one last thing in Joshua. In chapter 9 we see that Israel made a treaty with the Gibeonites. What seemed right in the eyes of the people of God was not a good thing. So, just as in earlier chapters when Joshua only sent a few men into Ai because they were a small people, they have begun to make decisions without seeking God’s guidance. But before we point at them and begin to judge them I think it would be wise to look inward first. How many times, especially when things are running smoothly, do we do the same. In the middle of God’ working and blessing we can begin to think that it is our own wisdom or our own thoughts or our own programs that are doing well for God’s kingdom. But sadly it often takes disaster for us to realize that we really have nothing to offer but obedience. Proverbs says “There is a way that seems right unto man but in the end it leads to destruction.” This is why it is paramount for the believer to be steadily in the Word of God and in prayer. We must stay connected to the vine as Jesus said in John chapter 15 or our decisions in life will become our own and not His.
As we begin in the book of Judges it would be good to kind of get an historical look at this journey that Israel is on. We just read of the times of obedience and blessing, but sadly we are now going to see the constant drifting away of this nation that God had done so much through.
The Hebrew word used for “Judges” means deliverers or saviors. These men (and women) were called out by God at certain times to deliver Israel from their sin and the oppression that it had brought them. It is good to note that these people were nothing special or holy until God chose to use them for a specific purpose. If Eli and Samuel are counted in this list, there are fourteen different individuals used at appropriate times to redeem Isreal. This is a sad book that shows the nature of man who runs from God until God reins him back to where he needs to be, usually through tragic events. We will be reading stories that you may remember in Sunday school such as Sampson and Gideon. Thank you for being in His Word together.

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