June 13th Judges chapters 6-7

I’m sorry for the irregular posts. The network is still down at the office and I am not real savvy with these other devises.
As we look in today’s reading we see the story of Gideon. In his life we see a picture of God using who He will to accomplish what ever He wishes. Gideon was threshing wheat in a wine press to hide from the enemy it says in the beginning of this story. Today we don’t use these devises so we lose some of the meaning in this text. The wine press was being used for a threshing floor where a farmer would remove the chaff from the grain. If a peanut was a grain of wheat, it would be like removing the shell. The normal way of threshing wheat would be done in a very large place. A dung floor would be made and could be 100 feet in diameter or larger and cattle would tread on the grain to loosen it from the husks. God tells Gideon “go in this might of yours…” as gideon is threshing enough wheat for perhaps one loaf of bread while cowering from the enemy. Gideon was a nobody from a family of Baal worshippers who was terrified of his perdicament. But God knew what he would do once he came to grips that God was going to do it through him. Gideon went from zero to hero in a matter of days.
When we look at a task, especially in evangelism to our friends, we need to remember that He is the one doing the work; we just need to trust and be obedient. God was glorified with 300 men instead of the staggering number that Gideon began with. God shows His strength in our weakness. The only thing that is needed is faith and obedience.

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