June 16th Judges chapters 13-15

This morning we are just getting a beginning glimpse at the life of Sampson so we will focus in on him in the next couple of days.  Today we see the cruelty of a nation that has become godless in their society.  The people of the Philistines were supposed to be removed from the land before it was inhabited as was mentioned last week; and today we have an example of why.  The Philistines were idol worshipers and paid homage to it’s god named Dagon.  The name Dagon comes from, in it’s original language, the fish god.  This idol had the body of a fish with a human head and human hands.  Not much is mentioned about the practices of Dagon worship but we see in other gods of the Canaanites that worship was detestable ranging from temple prostitutes all the way to the sacrificing of children.  God wanted to protect His people from such things (knowing that they would do the same things) and this is why He had told them to remove the people from the land; sadly, Israel did not obey and now they are actually under the rule of the Philistines because of their disobedience.  A little leaven leavens the whole lump and this picture of sin in the believer’s life has come full circle.  What God’s people thought was “manageable” has now come and ruled over them.  Romans 6:12 states “Therefore let not sin reign in your mortal body that you obey it’s lusts thereof.” When we think that we can manage just a little infraction, sin, dis-obedient act or what ever else we like to call it; it ends up escalating and controlling our lives.

Imagine the mindset of a group of people, who for a vendetta against a man, would kill his wife and her entire family. These are the things that God did not want for His chosen people and why He commanded that these people be destroyed.  What seems like, at first glance, a blood lust from God the Father was truly an act of love.  God, knowing that the people would be tempted and fall, tried to protect them along with the line of the Messiah to come.  Just as in heaven one day, the Bible says of that place: “and there shall be nothing that defiles.”  It also states the: “there shall be no more curse” and then in Revelation chapter 21 after speaking of all of the glories of the new Jerusalem it states in verse eight a list of the kinds of people that will be cast into the lake of fire.  The people who will not trust in Christ and repent will not be allowed, any longer, to pervert the saints of God.  They will instead be separated, along with Satan, for eternity that His people may remain pure and in a relationship with Him.  Just as a parent looking out for his or her children, would not allow a heroine addict, a pedophile or a murder to come into his home and live with his children God will not allow His children in eternity future to be defiled.  This is another way to see the awesome love of God for those who will serve Him.    

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