June 18th Judges chapters 19-21

Looking in the chapters of today I would like to point out a subject that is seldom mentioned in Christianity.  The treatment of women and how Jesus Christ, even to the present time,  is the greatest liberator of women.  We see in this text that the people are far from God and His will in their lives.   Every action and attitude is affected when we are not in His will; and the further we stray from Him the more perverse we become.  In these chapters the homosexual community of that day (which is not a new thing that we are dealing with today) is depraved to the point that they are wanting to sexually assault another man who has come into their town.  In order to save him, the leader of the house in which he was staying, sent out his own virgin daughter and the man’s concubine for the men to do to them as they would.  I want to stop for a moment before we go on to our main topic and explain something:  Just because evil men did evil things and they were recorded in the Bible does not mean that God has sanctioned such evil things (contrary to popular belief).  We see in this text that even the “good guy” was so debased in his thinking that he sent his own daughter out to be raped by the perverted men in the town (and they raped her to death).  Also notice that these men weren’t called “people of an alternate lifestyle” the Word blatantly calls them perverts.

The common lie in today’s society is that Jesus has caused women to be mistreated, looked down upon and oppressed.  My friends there is not much in this world farther from the truth.  Every woman that Jesus had an encounter with in the written history that we have, has been met with respect and dignity; even the prostitutes and the unclean woman who touched him (that was a big deal and would be cause for punishment).  Jesus sat and talked with the Samaritan woman and announced to her His messiah-ship before the rest of the world knew who He was.  Jesus did not condemn her, but instead confronted her sin and offered a better way of life!  We need to remember that His disciples were “astonished that He talked with the woman.”  If they would have known that He had taken a drink from her water pot they would have went into cardiac arrest!  Jesus had women who followed Him as one of His disciples (not to be confused with the chosen 12).  The woman who “sat at the feet of Jesus” was not doing so as a teen age girl with a crush gazing into the eyes of the Messiah, she was instead being discipled.  This phrase has lost it’s meaning in our society so some may get the wrong idea.  Paul sat at the feet of Gamaliel when he was learning the ways of Judaism.  I imagine that when Jesus was seated before preaching the sermon on the mount the scene would have looked much like a first grade class of today with his disciples circled around Him sitting with their legs crossed in front of Him and learning.  When king Solomon’s mother approached him she had to seek permission to stand before the king and speak; Jesus said to His mother “woman,. my time is not yet come.”  Today that statement would sound like this:  “I’m sorry maam, but God has not called me to that yet.”  Amazingly enough, out of respect for His mother, He evidently received permission from the Father to meet her request due to His respect for her because the water became wine.  Luke 8:1-3 states that women went with the twelve as they witnessed in the cities and even names some of them in the actual text.  Jesus taught that a man was in sin if he “put away his wife..” and stated that the men were using the Law to commit terrible acts of sin against women.  Once a woman was divorced she had no way of providing for herself and basically this is how men kept their ladies in line “do my beckoning or starve to death.”  Jesus said that the reason that Moses allowed a certificate of divorce was because of the hardness of their hearts.  The Pharisees thought that if they gave a certificate of divorce (so the woman could re-marry) they were compassionate and righteous!  Some would leave their wives without a certificate and therefore there would be no way for her to make a living.  Jesus said that it was all evil and If the woman has not committed adultery you cannot divorce her.  That’s liberation at it’s grass roots.  

If Jesus had not come, women would still be treated as they are currently treated in the middle east.  For those who say that Christianity has denigrated women; I invite them to spend six months in a country that practices Islam and follows sharia law.  Come back home after that (if you still have a head) and explain the degradation of women in Christ Jesus.  Long story short:  Life without Jesus is just plain old awful weather you are a man or a woman and the farther we drift from Him, the worse it gets.  Just watch the news today, i believe that it is quite obvious.


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