July 11th I Chronicles chapters 7-10

In today’s reading we see again the tragic ending of king Saul.  We can learn from Saul’s mistakes indeed, but we can also learn a little about how God operates while dealing with men.

It can be easy for us, when being used by God, to get “too big for our britches” if you follow me.  Saul did things displeasing to God, but if we remember back to our prior readings we can see the arrogance of Saul was really his undoing.  When preparing to go to battle against the king Agag Saul was waiting for the priest Samuel to come and inquire from God as to what the people should do.  Samuel would also prepare the sacrifice.  God had ordained a special line of people to act as mediator between God and men, which we see in Hebrews as a picture of Christ.  Saul, who was already elevated to the position of king; took it upon himself to become that mediator.  Saul had at that point considered himself to be: #1 Prophet  #2 Priest and #3 king.  Saul had placed himself in the position of God.  His lack of humility and respect for the office of priest (mediator) was his final downfall.

When we look at what Saul did in today’s view of scripture we see that he put himself in the place of Christ.  So many people rely on themselves, or a pastor or a priest for their salvation.  Works can never fill that gap to bring us into a relationship with God.  So many false religions, or denominations today remove Christ from the picture of salvation and claim that people need to earn what only God can give.  In the Christian life there needs to be a constant reminder that it is He who not only saved us, but also it is He who sustains us.  I Timothy 2:5 states “There is one mediator between God and man; that is the man Christ Jesus.”




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