July 17th Psalms chapters 1-2, 15, 22-24, 47, 68

In today’s blog we will focus will in on Psalm.  If I write about all of them I may end up writing a book.

Psalm chapter one has a focus on happiness.  The word “blessed” is equal to the word happy or joyful.  So, in these few verses we get six things that bring joy to the life of the believer.  The first three are things that we should not do and the second three things are things that we should do.  So we basically have the readers digest version of God’s book on happiness.

what not to do to be happy:

#1 “walks not in the counsel of the ungodly”  This statement is not referring to seeing a professional counselor, but instead I believe it refers to the people that you associate with.  The old phrase states “birds of a feather flock together”.  God is giving us wisdom, in a stair step fashion,  about our relationships.  The definition of “walks” in the original language suggests the people that you associate with.  To put in today’s terms it would the people that we hang out with. I have seen, many times in youth ministry, a student who was doing quite well; but when unwisely choosing their friends, they strayed away from the teachings of their parents and the scriptures.  This is true of us as adults also.  So to be happy in life, don’t make ungodly people in your close circle of friends.

#2  “Nor stands in the way of the sinner”  This statement is a stair step from the last.  To stand in the way of the sinner is plainly saying “don’t go where ungodly people go.  I used to watch the show Cops in years past and nine times out of ten the person being arrested would have been just fine if they had been in the right place.  If we surround ourselves with ungodly people we will end up in foolish places.  Foolish places can place us in situations that cause disaster.

#3  “Nor sits in the seat of the scornful”  This statement is another step in what is being laid out for us.  If we surround ourselves with the ungodly, we will find ourselves in the wrong places.  When we find ourselves in the wrong places we begin to do the things that are being done by those that are there also.  To “sit in the seat” is to do what they are doing.  The “scornful” is defined from the original as “to make mouths at”.  All of us have seen a child or teen mock someone by moving their mouth sarcastically.  If we are numbered with these folks, we will be where they are and in the end it will lead to open mockery of the things of God.

What to do to be happy:

#1  “His delight is in the Law of the Lord”  Stay in His Word!  This is the first and foremost instruction that leads to happiness.   It should be the delight of our lives.  We should read it, study it, hear it preached and live it.  God’s word= happiness

#2  “and in the Law does he meditate day and night..”  Thoughts of Him and His Word should be constantly on our mind.  There is something else that we need to realize about this second step in our “to do ” list:  In order to meditate on it we must know it.  We should “hide God’s Word in our heart” as the Psalmist says.  If He is really number one in our lives; should we not know His Word? Many say that they cannot memorize scripture either because it is too hard or they are too old.  My friends there are many things that folks have no problem memorizing; things like sports stats, hunting seasons, race car drivers and the like.  We remember what we delight in.  If it is our true delight, we will put it to memory.

#3  “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water.”  The word planted is better translated “transplanted”  A tree cannot plant itself!  But; if we delight in the Law of the Lord then He will do the planting and that planting will produce fruit.  We cannot produce the fruit, but if we allow Him to transplant our lives due to a deep desire to please Him He will bring fruit.  There is no more happiness in life than seeing God use you to bring a soul to His Son.  It is amazing and it is also, in my opinion, the greatest joy we will ever experience.

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