July 22nd Psalms chapters 50, 53, 60, 75

Today we see in Psalm chapter 53:2-3 a re-occurring theme through the Bible.  This theme is that we were born into sin.  Romans chapter 3 (verses 10 and 11 especially) stress this once again.  The realization of this fact is the first step into a true relationship with Jesus Christ.  With out this knowledge every effort made to please God is absolutely worthless.  When  Jesus preached the sermon on the mound (Matthew chapter 5) He began with the phrase “Blessed are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.”  When we look at that phrase it might, at first, seem to counter dict itself because the meaning of the word “blessed” means joy, or happiness.  But the Words that Jesus spoke were the beginning of the life of a true believer.  If you can remember when your school had “spirit day” back when you were a teen you may remember what that day was all about.  This day was set aside for students and faculty to hold their school and their teems in high esteem.  Cheer leaders would chant “we’re number one” and the students would rally around the school mascot.  In the life of one who has had an encounter with the Word of God the realization is exactly the opposite.  When we, as sinful beings, are confronted with the Word of God and His statutes, we realize how far we fall short and how desperately we need Him.  The plain fact that there is nothing that we can do to become like Him is evident; and the need for His atoning death to take our sin is at the fore front of our mind and life.  At this point in life we will have a true perspective of our fallen state and it is the first step in coming to Christ and repenting.  This is a bitter sweet moment, we are poor in Spirit as we look inward, but yet we become keenly aware of the way that leads to righteousness and life; Jesus Christ.  

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