August 19th Proverbs chapters 13-15

I want to begin by stating my apologies for the lack of posts recently.  The Bluffton Baptist web site has taken a lot of time and energy and some things have suffered; this being one of them.

As we are now in the book of Proverbs, although we are at chapter 13, I thought we should look at what the book is and what it is all about.  Solomon wrote most of the proverbs although not all of them.  The original title for the book in the Hebrew (and the Septuagint for all of you history geeks) is “The Proverbs of Solomon.”  If you remember reading in our time together in the Word, Solomon was promised by God to be the wisest man to have ever lived.  Wisdom is separate from knowledge; there have been many knowledgeable people who were definitely not wise.  Wisdom is knowing how to handle the knowledge that one has.  Most any one, with enough hard work, can gain knowledge; but wisdom is a gift of God.  So if Solomon is claimed by God to be the wisest man to have ever lived we should, indeed then, take in to account  what he is saying.  Proverbs contains 31 chapters and there are many believers who read a chapter every day in ensure that they read the entire book every month.  The wisdom listed in this small book regards almost all aspects of life; from lust to how to deal in business.  The word proverb means “a wise and pithy saying.”  I think that we will continue to enjoy them as we read them together.  

Another note for us as we read Is something that is key to remember in the life of Solomon.  Although he was the wisest man to have ever lived, he fell into temptation and into sin.  Due to Solomon’s dealings with foreign women he fell into idolatry and he was the cause for the divided kingdom that I mentioned a few weeks back.  Now, if Solomon, the wisest man to have ever lived, could slip into sin and fall, how much easier would it be for you and I to do the same.  We need to guard our lives and walk with Christ on a daily basis.  Solomon’s fall effected not only himself, but all those around him. 

My prayer for this book is that God would depart on us the wisdom that has been printed.  May God bless your being in the Word daily.

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