August 25th: I Kings chapter 8 & II Chronicles chapter 5

If you are just now jumping into the daily reading you are probably wondering why there are two scriptures that say almost the exact same thing.  I wan t to go over again what is happening here in these two texts.  The nation of Israel was a single kingdom under king David and under his son king Solomon.  After the reign of Solomon the kingdom was divided.  God allowed the kingdom to be divided due to the sin of the land.  We see in these two books the story line of two kingdoms, but their beginning stories are the same because they have not yet divided.  This is the reason for the redundancy in the two texts.

Today lets focus on something that king Solomon mentioned in his dedication prayer (we will read it again tomorrow in Chronicles).  In I Kings 8:41-43 we see that Solomon is praying in the will of God.  This was what God had intended for the nation of Israel.  He intended for them to be obedient to Him insomuch that the world would see His glory through His people.  The scene was in good standing and in full swing at this time and we see Solomon in the obedient years of his life, praying in the will of God that the “foreigner” may come and pray to God and “In that all peoples of the earth may know your name and fear You as Your people…” (verse 43).  Solomon had the plan down; to draw all men to God in repentance.  You don’t see the kings of Israel with this attitude again after this time.  The nation turned inward and selfish as they clung to idolatry and debauchery.  We have much to learn as the “new chosen people of God.”  God created a kingdom without borders when He came and gave His life.  He told us that “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me.”  Just as He promised Israel that He would bless them and bless the world through them if they were obedient.  We need to realize that if God could move His chosen people aside for disobedience, how much easier can He move us aside.  Are we “lifting Him up?”  Is He able to draw all men unto Him?  Or have we as the church, with this great gift and responsibility, become lazy and self centered like the Israelis?  Have we focused on comfort and debauchery as they did while giving lip service to God.  We need to look very closely at these writings because they were given to us as “examples” we are told in the bible.  Remember, they didn’t have examples, nor did they have the gift of the Holy Spirit.  We need to focus on lifting Him up to the world around us.

I hope you are enjoying our time together in the Word.  I hope we will all be different people as we read together.  

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