August 26th II Chronicles chapters 6-7 & Psalm 136

Before we begin with today’s reading I would like to point your attention the the new Bible study helps tab located at: There are links to: The Strong’s concoorinance, Matthew Henry’s commentary, a bible dictionary, the Bible online and the “blue Letter” bible reading site. If you click the Blue Letter icon and find the passages that you would like to read/study you will notice that to the left of the Biblical text there is a blue box labeled “tools” when clicking there you will have access to the original language, commentaries and much more. You operate the tools menu by choosing the tabs located at the top of the box that opens. I hope that these tools will help enrich your Bible study experience.

As we look at today’s reading I want to draw our attention to something that is probably overlooked by most in these chapters. In chapter six, Solomon has had a platform in which to address the people built. THe construction of this platform is a neat illustration of the condition of the heart of king Solomon. When kings addressed their subjects they would usually do so from a very elevated position. I think that I would be safe to say that it would be a balcony for most kings. THe kings palace and the kings balcony would be made from the best supplies that the nation and the surrounding areas had to offer. I would imagine that there was a lot of marble and gold involved in these structures. The balcony would be high enough for throngs of people to see and hear the king, much less to show his elevated position.

When Solomon was introducing the temple, the house of God, his platform was only about 7.5 feet square and about 50 inches high. The materials did not involve marble or gold, but bronze. At 50 inches high he was elevated no higher than anyones head that was an adult. Solomon was elevated only high enough to be heard by the people. The focus was on God Almighty not on a lowly king.
People in leadership need to be elevated only high enough to be heard, not to be elevated solely for the purpose of being elevated.

In chapter 7 and verse 14 we see the reaction of God in light of the obedience of His people. God was letting everyone know that the reason He was in their midst was not due to their being special, or rightous; He was there because they humbled themselves, prayed and were seeking His face.

Oh how blessed our churches would be if we followed this model! I’m telling you my friends, trying to get Baptists to focus on prayer is just about imposible. We will met to eat or talk; but not so much to pray. I have seen the power of humble prayer at work before and it is amazing to see God work through our prayers. I have challenged people to create prayer groups in their homes to pray for God’s will in our lives and church in more than one church. When I mention this, people look at me like a calf looks at a new gate! People look at me like I have lost my mind, as if I have asked for their first born child. I do believe that if we would trust enough to pray in faith that God would do so much in our lives, churches and our communities.

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