August 27th Psalms chapters 134, 146-150

What a set of chapters to wake up to this morning!  All of creation screams praise to His name; I hope that we are joining them as we live our lives today remembering all that He is, all that He has done, and all that He has promised to do!

I attended a Christian high school from my freshman year thorough my senior year.  The school that I attended was a church that had decided to make a difference in their community and I am so glad that they did because i became saved under that ministry.  The church that took part in this very difficult ministry was a very legalistic church with a lot rules that were not found in scripture, but instead, it was “the way we have always done it”.  There are still many groups of people who operate in this way.  Sadly, the members of that church followed all of the rules on Sunday morning, but did not during the rest of the week which showed a great deal of hypocrisy on their part.  Why is it a sin for a woman to wear pants on Sunday, but a bathing suite on Monday is just Jim Dandy?  At any rate, one of the things that can be most stifling in these types of churches is the music.  There is a common trend in these groups that the piano is the only instrument that can be used during worship.  All stringed instruments are banned (I’m not a music kind of guy, but I peeked in a piano once and there were 176 strings in that booger).  The other common theme is that there is a hymn book that is to be used and only that hymn book.  Now I don’t know if that hymn book was authorized in 1611 or what; but it was kind of sacred.  I enjoy when I read in the Old Testament and folks are really “getting their worship on.”  David danced in front of the entire nation when the ark of the covenant was returning to Israel, and when his wife scorned him and tried to correct him he said “I will become more undignified than this!” Today we read in Psalm 149-150 that the people were instructed to sing “a new song” and then goes on to say we are to sing these praises: “in the assembly of the saints.”  In this chapter it lists many different instruments that were being used to praise Him:  The trumpet, harp, timbrel (and dance! 150:3), lute, stringed instruments, flutes, cymbals and clashing cymbals (yes that means drums in worship).

God deserves much more praise than we can ever hope to give Him.  Let’s pull out all the stops!  Let’s not worry about what others think; but instead focus on Him and give Him the praise that He deserves to the very best of our abilities.  Imagine if newer believers actually saw us getting excited about praising God!  It may even become contagious.


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