Reciprocating Grace

I have never, until today, posted a blog unless it pertaining to studying a passage of scripture in a group study.  During my time in prayer today I felt an “unction” to do so.

Isn’t it strange that in our finite minds we so often accept grace in our lives, but at the same time demand judgement for others?  When we feel like we have been wronged or perhaps an injustice (at least it seems to us) comes our way don’t we often expect God to have swift and complete judgement on the individual or individuals involved.  I have been miserably, while at the same time joyfully,  reminded at times of the unbelievable amount of grace that has been shown to me in situations in which all logic demands that it should have not been.  If God and sometimes fellow believers were able to show me undeserved grace, who am I that I should demand justice on someone else?  Jesus explained this in the parable of the debtor who owed more than he had to give.  After this indebted man was forgiven of his great debt, he went out, beat and imprisoned someone who owed him much less.  When we seek “justice” we should look at justice across the board.  If justice were to be truly given my friends; where would we find ourselves?

Although we should never dwell on our past sin, to our harm, we should dwell on our past justification through Jesus Christ.  As the old hymn states “Count your blessings name them one by one” ; is the unrelenting grace of our Father not the chief of these blessings?  To focus on justice is the law (Old Testament), to focus on Grace is the Gospel.  Grace for grace!  As we see in Ephesians chapter one that we “have been made accepted in the Beloved..” The word “beloved” is referring to the eternal Godhead.  If God can accept us in His Son, how much more should we in turn accept those who are more like ourselves than we care to admit.

Pastor Steve