April 28th I Samuel chapter nine

In today’s study we see how God called the first king in Israel.  One might think that there is not much here to comment on; but there is always a message in the Word of God.  We see in this chapter the first mentioning of king Saul.   God gives us a glimpse of Saul’s life before he becomes corrupt.  God told Samuel, who in-turn told the people, what a king would require of them and how a king would treat them.  So we see the decent of morality and humility in the life of Saul.  It is good for us to remember from where God has called us insomuch that we don’t begin to get “too big for our britches.”

Saul was, as we will see more in the next couple of chapters, a man from humble beginnings.  These types of men usually make the best leaders.  In my interest in leadership, I found myself reading about the generals of World War II.  I had a brief view of each of their lives and how they were raised.  The best of the best during that time were those “farm boys” who were raised on hard work, humble circumstances and Christian parents.  I believe the reason for this being the case is what I have just mentioned; I believe that these men such as Eisenhower and Bradly always remembered where they began.  Saul, as we will soon see, became very arrogant, power hungry and paranoid.  The old phrase comes to mind “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Saul mentions what tribe that he is from in today’s chapter.  The tribe that he is from is that of Benjamin.  Benjamin was the youngest of the twelve sons of Israel and it was also the smallest tribe.  The older sons had begun reproducing long before Benjamin had; in fact, as we read the story of Joseph (Benjamin’s only brother by Rebekah) we see that Benjamin is probably a young boy.  He had no part in the work of the family when Joseph was sold into slavery.  Saul then tells Samuel that, not only is he from the smallest tribe, but he is also from the least of the families of that tribe.  It is a shame that this humility leaves the new young king so quickly.

In the same light in our walk with God, it is good to remember from where we were called.  It is good; not to be filled with constant guilt, but to remember the sin and life style in which we were delivered from.   When we keep these things in perspective we will not begin to think that we, in of ourselves “found God” as some may say.  The fact is that He found us due only to His grace and divine choosing.  It is hard to get too arrogant when we remember that it was Him that did everything in order that we might be called the sons of God.  For those who believe that one can lose their salvation perhaps this is not so easy.  When our salvation depends on us and our works, we can shine with pride at how well we have done.  But when we realize that we are bankrupt in righteousness and that we have to put on the righteousness of Christ each day; it is a humbling reality.


Pastor Steve

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