May 24th I Samuel chapters 27

Today’s chapter is one of the lowest in the life of David (save his problems with Absalom which we will see in many days from now).  The chapter begins with David pouring out his heart.  David believes that he will run for the rest of his life and that his end will be his death by the hands of Saul.  David is now going out on raids and killing entire villages, he is encamped with the enemies of Israel and David knows in his heart that he is not where he needs to be.  It seems like all the great men of God have come to some point like this in their lives.  Abraham did, Jacob did and Moses assuredly did.  Moses spent 40 years away from his people after murdering a man thinking that it was the will of God.  David is at a low point in life.  But, if this man David, who is the beginning of the kingly lineage of Christ and is a, and I quote, “man after God’s own heart” could go through such low times in life, how much more are we to expect it in our lives?  We could look at this chapter and debate the killing by David and his men.  We could discuss that the inhabitants that he was destroying were supposed to be destroyed by David’s ancestors when they entered Canaan but they disobeyed God and spared them.  But I think our lesson from this chapter is a much more simple one.  God sometimes allows His people to go through bad times; this doesn’t mean that David, or you, or I are no longer called to his service.  God will use our low times for good in only a way that He can do.  God did not change from when David slung the rock that killed Goliath, God is still the same God with the same intents that He had when David played the harp in front of the king.  Our circumstances and even our obedience my change, but God doesn’t change.  God is also always in control even when we cannot see exactly what He is doing.

Today’s false teachers claim that if we “will it” to happen or if we repeat it enough times that that positive energy will cause God to have to bless us.  These thoughts are rubbish from the pits of hell.  God doesn’t give health and wealth to the “good ones” while allowing all the others to suffer.  I would have to remind these, spreaders of manure that they consider to be some form of the gospel, that scripture clearly states in Psalms and again in Romans “There is none righteous no not one.”  There are no “good ones” to pick from we are all sinners and fall short.  The most powerful men of God went through the most suffering.  Paul was stoned in Lystra, John was boiled in oil but lived so they sent him to the island of Patmos, John the baptist was clothed with camel’s hair, ate bugs and lost his heat to Herod and now we see David living behind enemy lines attacking surrounding villages.  We as followers of God will endure hard times, if these men did; how much more will you and I?  But God remains on His throne.


Pastor Steve

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