May 26th I Samuel chapter 29

Today we see the hand of God deliver David and his men.  Seeing that David would not raise his hand against God’s anointed king, there is no way that David would have gone into battle against God’s people, the nation of Israel.  I do not know what David’s plan was before the king removed him from the battle; but there was no good ending in sight if David had went into battle.  If David decided to attack the Philistines from the rear during the battle against Israel, it would have been suicide because David did not have enough men to even make a dent against the vast armies of the Philistines.  Then again if David would have went and fought against Israel, the people would have never fell under his rule, not to mention that God would have most likely destroyed him for raising a sword against His anointed people.  David was in a very precarious position that he had no answer for; but then God made a way for David and his men.

God allowed David to go through much strife and discomfort.  He allowed him to sink to a very low point in his life.  God even allowed David to have his wife stripped away from him and given to another man.  But God was not going to let David be destroyed.  This trial was not to see how strong or smart David was; this trial was to show David that he had been in the palm of God’s hand this entire time.

I have, on a few different occasions, been at extremely low points in life.  I have had periods of time when I thought that God had removed His hand from my life and His calling me to His Gospel ministry.  Each time that I have gotten to that point God has shown up in different ways to remind me that He is in charge.  He reminds me that i could never let Him down…because I was never holding Him up in the first place.  He shows me that His will is going to be accomplished regardless of the situation that I find myself in, or the mindset that I may find myself in.  I believe this is what God was doing for David this day.  It was a reminder to David that he needed not fear, because He was in complete control.


Pastor Steve

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