May 27th I Samuel chapter 30

In today’s reading we see yet another tragedy happening to David and his men.  If David and his men had not been taken by the hand of God away from the battle between Israel and the Philistines, they would have all lost their families.

Not only did God save their families in this chapter, but He also is beginning to train David in the art of being a king.  When the men threatened to stone him, he probably had no idea that there would always be some folks that wanted to destroy him.  There would be no way to make every one happy; it is just a way of life for a leader.  Future pastors could use a course like this in seminary.  Most young pastors think that every one is going to love them when they enter the pulpit.  Some of these have thin skin and do not last long.  The bottom line is that there will always be tares in the wheat and if they hated the perfect Son of God, why in the world would all the people love them.  David receives training in how to handle evil people even after the families and goods are restored to the band of David’s misfits.  Some of the “evil ones among them” wanted to keep the spoil and not let those who were too weary to go on and instead stayed with the gear to have any of it.  We need to remember these spoils were not just the enemies spoils; it was also all of their belongings.  David, wisely and fearlessly stands up to these evil men and he does not allow it to happen.  Once again we see that God is in the business of taking a bad situation and using it for good.  How much easier life would be if all of us would look at adversity in this light.  But, it is harder to do what one is in the middle of the “mess.”


Pastor Steve

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