May 30th I Samuel chapter 31

Today we see that Saul has finally fallen. God had ordained that the kingship would leave him and his household; but I personally believe that if Saul would have repented that he could have lived peacefully in Israel. Sadly his sons and his armor bearer lost their lives also. The disobedience and hard heartedness of Saul caused the death of all of his male heirs. If Saul would have embraced David as king all would have been well with them. Jonathon had already realized that David would be the next King and Jonathon would have been the successor; so it would have benefitted no one to have David assassinated. I would really like to know how the relationship between Jonathon and David would have blossomed over the years. Perhaps I am nieve, but I would like to think that the two of them would have remained friends until they had died. But I guess we will never know. Once again, we need to remember that our sin affects every one in our lives. My old illustration still holds true today. Having sin in your life and expecting it not to effect those around you is like roping off a “urinating section” in your swimming pool. Claim it all you want; but at the end of the day every one is affected by the actions in that “section.” 

 Pastor Steve

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