May 31st II Samuel chapter 1

As we begin Second  Samuel today we have seen the death of the King of Israel.  Most would probably rejoice if in David’s shoes; After all, Saul was trying to take David’s life.  But David did not have those emotions.  This speaks volumes for the character of David the new king.  Emotions are something that cannot be controlled.  A person cannot control how they feel. Feelings are not choices.  Anger is a reaction to pain, we cannot help what causes us pain.  What we can do is have a heart change insomuch that our feelings are different from the normal person’s feelings.  David’s relationship with God and his anointing of the Holy Spirit gave David “a new heart.”  The new heart that David had attained from God gave him a heart that was like God’s own heart.  So, David was in distress over the fact the Saul never repented and that his mistakes caused a black mark on the nation of Israel.  David was saddened, I believe, because once someone truly understands the Grace of God and the depths of their own sin, they begin to empathize with those who are unrepentant.

If we are in a right relationship with God, out emotions will also be in line with the heart of God instead of being in line of the heart of man.  Our reactions and feelings about things and situations are a very good indicator of where we are at in relationship with God.

I have known, and do know people, who are angry due to people who are doing kingdom ministry and leading people to Christ because they are jealous.  This is an indicator of the condition of the heart.  Jesus told the Pharisees that they “washed the outside of the cup, but the inside of the cup was still defiled.”  Many people look good on the outside, but the heart is corrupt.  We often only realize this corruption when our emotions and reactions kick in and we see our true selves.


Pastor Steve

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