July 5th II Samuel chapter 2

It is good to be with you again!  It seems like it has been an eternity since the last post.  I hope that you will consider returning to the practice of reading/studying a chapter a day with us.

In today’s reading it may seem as though there is little to learn at first glance; but as we have talked about in the past, there is always something for us in His Word.  Saul, the first king of Israel is now dead along with his successor to the throne, Jonathon.  God has already ordained David to become king and has groomed him through many circumstances.  One might think that due to the fact that David’s rule is in God’s perfect will, it will be quite easy to set up the throne.  But it is not, as we see in this chapter.  Satan will always try to frustrate the workings of God; and in this case, the line of the Messiah.

Many people, who say that they are searching God’s will in different situations use the phrase “God just opened all the right doors” or perhaps: “God closed that door for me.”  I never comment on this theory of detecting God’s will, but I scream on the inside.  This logic basically says that the easiest path is always God’s will, when it clearly is not.  Paul was stoned in Lystria, imprisoned, shipwrecked, bitten by snakes and then put to death. I don’t know how much more closed the “door ” could have been.  It seems to me, in regards to than logic, that the door was slammed shut and then dead bolted.  If Paul had waited for open doors and took the path of least resistance, we would not have the Gospel today.  John the Baptist lost his head over standing firm against the king committing adultery, Jeremiah was encased in a hollow log and sawed  into two pieces and Jesus Begged the Father that there might be “another way” before he was crucified.

Jesus never painted a picture of a life of no resistance He instead warned us of the trials that would come.  He said that they would hate us and take us before the judges.  He said that families would disown us and that we would be persecuted.  These words do not support the “door” theory. Let’s say, perhaps, you found a woman’s purse containing $10,000.00 along with her identification; would you consider it to be an “open door” from God for financial gain?  What if an attractive person of the opposite sex made advances toward you even though you are married; would that be an “open door” from God to fulfill your lust?  I have heard pastors and church staff ,who were looking for different positions, state the God had opened all the right doors.  Let me translate this for us:  This means that these folks will make more money, or live closer to family, or perhaps build a resume for the ultimate future cake job.  Let’s not fall into that trap. Ephesians chapter six states that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age…” Satan has become a very successful doorman in the lives of many.

King David had an uphill battle while fulfilling the will of God, and those today who plan on fulfilling the will of God will have the same adversity.  Let us not trust in circumstances, but instead on truth, the truth that comers from the Word of God.

Once again, it is good to be back with you as we are in the Word together.


Pastor Steve

One thought on “July 5th II Samuel chapter 2

  1. Steve, this is a bit late, but I’ve been thinking about this message. I believe that God does “open and closes doors” for us. That is to say; if we are earnestly seeking and trusting God, he will thru his Power answer our prayers. MJ and I had a need to sell our home in Roach, MO. We consulted with two Realtors, Both told us we should list our home at price “A”, which was less than what we thought it might be worth. So we prayed and meditated about it. We felt lead to list it at a higher price. MJ put up a flyer at work and the next day we had a buyer, willing to pay what we needed. I can tell other stories where God has provided. God gave us free will, at a price. When we seek his will he will provide an answer. We choose whether to except it or ignore it. What ever the answer we need to praise God and thank him. He is after all, GOD.

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