July 7th II Samuel chapter 4

In today’s reading we begin to see the caricature of  king David and perhaps why God had chosen him for the position of king.  Looking at history, we see that most men, when obtaining the position of king, become paranoid and violent.  The fear of someone taking their position seems all to often to permeate the lives of these men.  We see, in much more recent history than what we are reading here, the acts of the leaders of Rome.  We can also see the life of Herod and others who were not even kings, only governors working for the Roman empire.  Herod killed many of his own family due to his fear of losing the throne.  Most kings seem to take on the characteristics of gangsters upon obtaining the throne.  We will see later in the history of the kings of Israel and Judah that their fear was probably not in vain; but their methods were cruel and absolute.

David, whom God said had a heart after His own, was not stuck in this mind set.  David had fought for years against real enemies and he wanted no part of the killing or the mistreating of his own people, much less the family of God’s anointed.  These men, who killed Saul’s son, thought they were going to be praised by the king for their actions.  I can almost see in the words on the page showing the smug smile on their faces as they awaited their rewards.  But their cowardliness only led to their demise.

I thought as I read these verses today about yesterday’s post.  When we looked in Isaiah and saw where God’s ways and His thoughts are so much higher than our own.  As I contemplated this, I began to wonder at how much harder it is to know the will of God.  If these men could not understand the will of an earthly king who was much like themselves; how much farther will we fall short when we try to guess at what God’s will is.  If these men would have simply placed themselves under the authority of the king and obeyed his commends, all would have been well.  But sadly, they did not.  How much more tragic is it when we try to decipher the will of God while not placing ourselves under His authority.  He has given orders in His Word on how to live, act and treat others; yet we so often leave that book on a shelf and try and guess what the King would have us do.  In the end it only leads to destruction.

I hope that you are enjoying our study together.  These two books are so intriguing that it is hard to study just one chapter a day sometimes!


Pastor Steve

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