July 8th 2 Samuel chapter 5

I am not going to go in great detail in today’s reading because it goes hand-in-hand with Mondays.  But there is something that we can glean from the early part of this chapter today. It seems that the nation of Israel may have been held back from uniting due to the leadership of one man. After Abner he had died, the people came together and told David that he was anointed by God and that they would put themselves under his authority.   This was not a new revelation to them, it is something they had already known.  Under the leadership of Abner they were unwilling to do the will of God. It is very important to us as we lead in different areas of life to realize the responsibility that we have. Some lead in government, some in their households, some in their workplace and then some in the church. Regardless of gender or where that leadership is; it affects those around us greatly. If we lead poorly or in a bad spirit we very well may cause a great deal of heart ache for those who are following us. I believe this May be why Paul addresses teachers in the epistles telling them that they have a stricter judgment. As we see in the life of Abner, many people can be out of the will of God due to how we lead and react to situations in life.


Pastor Steve

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