July 13th 2 Samuel chapter 7

In today’s reading we see the heart of David in the fact that he wants to build a house for God.  David wants a place for the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat.  David looks around at what he has, where he lives and all the comforts that have come his way. He comes to realize that he has stuck God outside in a tent.  Although I usually refrain from reading outside authors in our studies insomuch that I do not repeat what you may be studying on at home,  today I did.  I picked up J. Vernon McGee and read what he had to say on this chapter.  Dr. McGee stated that he imagined it being a rainy night when David came to this revelation.  He continued that he imagined David hearing the noise of the rain being deflected off of his roof and thought how wrong it was that he had left the ark of the covenant in a tent.  He went on to say that he imagined David, in his mind, even hearing the flapping of the canvas in the wind and this troubled him.

Oh how things would be different if God’s people, the church of today, had the same mindset as David did.  When taking an Old Testament survey class through Boyce Bible College my professor, who was a pastor, explained his frustration with many people in his congregation.  He told how a lot people want to “donate” their junk to the local church.  He spoke of torn and tattered items with no value which would be brought in by people who thought that they were doing such a great service to God and His church.  They were bringing these items because they had purchased new items for their home.  As he went on he became very passionate when he stated “Don’t bring God your junk!  We are to bring God our best.”  I believe that this is what David was thinking when he began picturing  a temple for God.

God would not allow David to build Him a house because he had too much blood on his hands, but even so, God did something amazing; He credited David for his heart on the matter.  God then in turn tells David that He, would instead, build David a house.  But God was speaking of an everlasting kingdom.  This is a huge chapter in the Bible because the rest of scripture hangs on this covenant that God made with David.  God was not talking about Solomon only, but He was talking about the Messianic line.  There are fifty nine instances in the New Testament that this covenant is mentioned by calling the Messiah “Son of David.”  This Descendant of David will have an eternal rule that will never fade away.  This future Son of David will be the stone that was cut without hands in the first few chapters of the book of Daniel in which all of the other nations will be smashed into powder. Out of David’s line would come the King of kings and Lord of lords.

David understood the prophesy and, as we see, was genuinely humbled  and over whelmed. Then we see in verse 25 that David believes and trusts in the Word of God.  This is, perhaps, the moment of David’s salvation.  Just as we see in the life of Abraham and so many other Old Testament saints in Hebrews chapter 11 that righteousness comes by faith.  People, before the life of Jesus in the flesh, were saved by faith, looking forward to the cross and trusting God.  We today are saved by faith in trusting what Jesus did on the cross.  We are all saved by faith.

I hope that you will continue as we are in the Word together. As we talked about righteousness being given by faith please remember the words of Romans 10:17  in which we see “So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”  So, righteousness comes by faith…faith comes by hearing…and hearing comes by the Word of God.  We need to stay daily in His Word.


Pastor Steve

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