July 15th 2 Samuel chapter 9

Today we see the kindness of David as king over Israel.  Mephibosheth was the grandson of Saul, the former king, and the son of Jonathon.  As I mentioned in an earlier post; it was common in that region for a new king to put to death any one from the former regime in order to protect themselves.  When David calls for Mephibosheth it is most likely that Mephibosheth was scared out of his wits.  Knowing that he was the last known heir of king Saul, Mephibosheth surely thought that this was the last day of his life.  We even see that he considers himself a “dead dog” in David’s presence.  David had no intentions of harming this young man.  Not only was he an heir of God’s anointed, but he was also the son of David’s best friend who had died.  If you recall, David and Jonathon made a pact with one another (I Sam. 18) because David loved Jonathon as he loved his own soul.  David transferred that love to Mephibosheth.  David knew nothing of Mephibosheth’s personality or loyalties, David never mentioned the fact that he was crippled or the fact that, at one time, his family was trying their hardest to kill David.  David, due to the fact that he loved Jonathon and had made a covenant with Jonathon, decided to love Mephibosheth unconditionally.  More than sparing his life, David set him at the kings table.  This crippled enemy of the king was now dining with royalty.

Do you see the picture here?  God the Father, due to the love for His Son, has taken us, His former enemy (Rom 3:10, Rom 3:23) and accepted us.  Not only in salvation from eternal death, but has set us at the table of royalty.  He has removed our sin and we are now, as it says in Ephesians 1:6 “accepted in the beloved.”  Just as king David had this young mans feet covered by the table in which he sat, God has covered our sin and they are too no longer visible.  We sit at the table of the King, just as His Son sits at the table.

Mephibosheth did not go looking for the king in order to gain mercy, he instead hid from the king.  Mephibosheth would not have been able to come to the king if he would have wanted to; he was crippled.  Someone had to bring him to the throne of the great King. King David went and found him, brought him before his throne and accepted him, due to the covenant that was made with Jonathon.  We, as believers,  did not go looking for the King, He instead found us.  Romans 5:8 says “But God commended His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.”  He found us!  We see a perfect picture of Christ and His mercy in this Old Testament story.

I have chill bumps as I write this today because I remember that day in which He found me and set me in a place of royalty.  He looked at my pathetic, sinful, morally crippled life, and seeing that I had nothing to offer, He chose to love me unconditionally not because of  who I was, but because of who His Son was.  His Son is Jesus Christ.


Pastor Steve

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