July 21st 2 Samuel chapter 13

Thank you again for being numbered with those who are in the Word together!  As we dive into chapter 13 this morning we begin to see another example of James 1:14-15 “Every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed; and lust when it has conceived bringeth forth sin and sin when it is finished bringeth forth death.”  

The reading may be a bit confusing in regards to the intertwined relationships in this chapter.  I will begin by shedding some light on the “who is who” of these verses.  It seems a bit confusing when we see that the text states that Tamar was the sister of Amnon’s brother Absalom.  Although Amnon, Absalom and Tamar were all siblings, Amnon had a different mother than Tamar and Absalom.  So Amnon plotted and then raped his half sister Tamar.

What Amnon did was sickening and one of the most self centered things that I, personally, can think of.  This story shows a supposed definition of love, just as Hollywood and our media portray it today.  Love is boiled down to one person gratifying their own needs.  This is in no way love.  As we read I Corinthians 13, the love chapter, we see the exact opposite of what Amnon displayed.  Amnon simply lusted after his half sister.  Sadly, Tamar even told him that the king would most likely give her to him to marry; but Amnon wanted what he wanted, and he wanted it right at that moment.  Although most of us will see this attitude as sickening on the “macro” level, some do not notice it on the “micro” level.  In counseling couples before marriage, I seldom see, in those young relationships, a true Agape love.  Most, not all, of the couples that I counsel with, truly are only looking to see how their future mate will meet their needs.  Seldom do I see a future mate focusing on how to meet the needs of their future spouse.  It is in our fallen nature to be selfish; the opposite of being Christ centered is being self centered, and self centered people focus on how others can meet their needs.

In the case of Amnon, he decided that a few minutes of what he desired would be worth ruining his sister’s life.  We also see a picture here of what God told us in
Exodus 34:6-7.  God says in those verses that He is merciful and forgiving, but the effects of sin go on through the third and fourth generation (this is not a direct quote).  David’s inappropriate sexual behavior is now showing up in the next generation.  Due to this sin of Amnon, there becomes a rift between David and Absalom.  I imagine that Absalom is furious that David did not punish or execute Amnon for his deed.  We will soon see the heart ache that Absalom causes David and the nation of Israel.  I believe that it all points back to that fateful day when David was not where he was supposed to be (II Sam. 11:1-3).

We will also see later that sexual immorality and the taking of wives from foreign lands who worship foreign Gods, will be the demise of Solomon also.  Sin never comes and goes without creating a terrible mess in our lives.

Pastor Steve

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