August 4th II Samuel chapter 17

Today we see the sovereign hand of God at work in the life of David and Israel.  David, in yesterday’s reading, had come to the conclusion that God was finished with him.  He began to think that God had cursed him and his morale was quite low.  But today we see that God had placed a spy in the camp of Absalom, which would allow an escape for David.  David has made the same mistake that, I believe, almost every believer encounters at least once in life.  David believes that God is some how surprised at his actions and has decided to curse him.  What David, in his lowly emotional state (due to the effects of his own sin) was unable to realize was that God knew every thought, action and reaction that David would ever make before he anointed him king over Israel so many years ago.  When David was a lowly shepherd boy who was, and I quote “ruddy” with pretty eyes (as it is translated from the Hebrew) God knew what He was doing when He anointed him as king.  David was completely unable, in his life time, to make God gasp and say “boy, I didn’t see that coming!”  David was not being cursed by God.  God was prophesying the effects of David’s sin when He told David what was coming; not setting up a curse for David.

As David allowed the man in yesterday’s chapter to throw dirt at him and call him names, he was under the assumption that God had abandoned him and that God had called down curses on him.  What was actually happening was the effect of not obeying the Word of God.  David was feeling the wrath of his own sin, not the hand of God.

We as believers need to remember that although we are forgiven completely; there are going to be many times that our past, or present, choices will cause us pain.  This is why we are to “work out our own salvation…” Salvation is an ongoing process, not in regards as salvation from hell, but salvation from our sin.  As we grow, we learn to trust Him and His commands.  When we do this the effects of our sin are lessened.  When God called us as believers to salvation, He also knew everything that we would ever do or think; but He saved us regardless.  Just like Adam in the garden, when God seems far away, it is because we have allowed sin in our lives to cause us to move from Him.  God was still in the garden in the cool of the day looking for Adam.  Adam, after his first sin, was hiding from God. Adam then blames God for his own sinful destruction when he tells God “it was that woman that YOU GAVE ME.”

When we think that it is God who is cursing us instead of realizing that it is the effect of our sin, it causes us to become unable to confess our sin to Him.  I John 1:9 states “if we confess our faults He is faithful and just for forgive us of our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”   We all too often blame God for things that we simply brought on ourselves.


Pastor Steve

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