August 11th II Samuel chapter 22&23

The next three chapters describe the last few years of the reign of David.  David is a very interesting and intriguing man; a man who is very well rounded.  He was a lowly shepherd that wasn’t even acknowledged by his father when the priest Samuel asked to see all of his sons.  As a young man, David showed himself to be fierce and unafraid when facing Goliath in the valley, even to the point of telling this beast “the birds of the air will eat your flesh.  You come at me with shield and sword; but I come at you in the name of the God of Israel…” (not a direct quote.)  So we have seen the servant boy David, then the brave David, then we read that he was a musician.  David played the harp for king Saul to soothe his nerves and became Saul’s armor bearer.  David was also a ladies man as we read that the woman wrote songs about him in which they sung that Saul had slain his thousands and David his tens of thousands.  We see the weak David who fell into deep and dark sin; but we also see a repentant, broken man before God (Ps 51).  We see the great military leader and before that a terrific warrior as he and Jonathon would go out and “pick fights” with their enemies that out numbered them.  We see that David is a man who is unashamed to love his friend Jonathon as, and I quote “as he loved his own soul.”  We also see the loyalty of David to king Saul even when Saul wanted to kill him; David continually says “I will not raise my hand against God’s anointed.”   Now we get to chapter twenty-two of II Samuel and we see that David is also a poet!  I wonder if there was anything that this man could not do?  I have to admit that I am quite jealous of his many gifts.  We see, for the first time, David writing a song.  Most of the Psalms are written by David and there is much depth to them as he was, obviously, inspired by God.

As I read today’s chapter I thought about David’s ability to give God the glory in everything.  David had a very thankful spirit and faith enough to realize that everything in his life that was good was attributed to the hand of God.  I thought about how often we  either chalk things up to coincidence or simply take personal credit for what happens in our life.  A few weeks ago a man was giving his testimony to my congregation.  He was a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war, but did not come to know Christ until later in life.  He told the story of when his helicopter was going down and by all rights, according to his training, all on board would surely die.  When miraculously landed his bird safely he said “I told my self ‘Man you are a great pilot.'”  He now realizes how He did not give God the credit for saving him and his passengers until years later.

David was a man who gave credit where credit was due.  I believe that this one of the main reasons that David was so powerfully used by God.  When our lives glorify God, God then rewards us.


Pastor Steve

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