August 15th  First Kings chapter 1

We are going to continue on in First Kings through the rule of Solomon before we move on to a New Testament  book.  Today’s reading shows us an example of false religion being preformed in order for someone to get what they want for themselves. One of David’s son, Adonijah,  is trying to usurp the authority of the King David due to his weakness. Adonijah puts on a false front as he invites his brothers and guests to his great coronation and then he begins by making a great sacrifice. It is obvious that Adonijah has no interest in true worship because Nathan the prophet, the intercessor between God and man at the time, was not even invited. This young man saw an opportunity to use religion as a stair-step in order to get people to follow him. He went through all of the motions, he gave much in the sacrifices that he offered and he did everything in front of the people in which he surrounded himself with. But without the intercessor, which is a picture of Jesus Christ, that worship meant absolutely nothing. In fact it became the opposite of worship.  The act that was committed became hypocrisy. It would have been better for him not to have worshiped at all than to have presented a false worship with false motives that only puffed up his own ego and agenda.  As we look at the situation in this chapter we can see that it resembles many people that we are in contact with in our churches today. Many have no ambition to promote the Gospel, but yet involve themselves in church life for  myriads of other reasons.  There are some who want to be leaders and control things, there are some that use the church as an opportunity to promote their personal business and financial gain, while there are others who use the church in order to have a social gathering.  There are even those who attend interact  in ministries for the sole purpose of people seeing them “in action” in order that they might get the praise of men.  There are some who will only give monetarily if they are certain that others will see their charitable giving. In the same way these actions are worse than not committing to worship at all. I believe this is what Jesus was referring to in the book of Revelation what He said that if someone were neither hot nor cold but luke warm, He would vomit them out of His mouth.

As we read today’s chapter, I hope that we will all look past our acts of worship and our works in the ministry and look inward to see where our true intentions lie.  God has shown me many times that, although the works themselves were not necessarily bad or wrong; my reason for doing them had been incorrect.

Isn’t it amazing that  no matter where we read in this Bible that we have been given, there is always an application for our life?  I hope and pray that God will continue to work in your life through the His Word as you seek him daily.


Pastor Steve

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