August 18th First Kings chapter 4

I don’t know if I have an odd thought pattern, or if these thoughts come across every ones mind.  I have often pondered the question: “If I could live during any time period, what period would I choose.”  When I was younger I thought that the 1950’s in America seemed like a good time to be alive.  The U.S.was prosperous, crime seemed low and I imagined that life was just like it was portrayed on the television show Happy Days.  As I became a bit older I imagined instead of living in the middle east during the ministry of Jesus.  How amazing to see Him speak to the people, to be at the sermon on the mount, to see Lazarus raised from the dead, to watch the expressions on the faces of the blind who gained their sight or perhaps the deaf that gained hearing.  But as I grew even older I decided that I would not want to live in that era because most people rejected Him; why would I think any differently.  I am thankful that I was not put in that spot when all the leaders of the day were denouncing the Messiah, in which I would have probably followed suit.

But imagine living in Jerusalem during the reign of Solomon!  This is the only time, that I am aware of, that Israel is in the will of God and under His blessing for any length of time.  I see this time, during Solomon’s reign, to be a picture of what the future kingdom will be. There were no problems with neighboring nations, nor were there any wars.  The kings of the surrounding nations sent ambassadors to learn from this Godly leader in Israel.  The world saw the blessing of God on a people who obeyed Him, and it was attractive to the outside world.  It says elsewhere in the bible that gold and silver were as stones in Israel during the reign of Solomon.   Justice was preformed by the wisest man who had ever lived and was based off of the law that God had given.  This would have been a utopia.  If Solomon and his descendants would have obeyed; God would have fulfilled His promise to them generation after generation.  Sadly, we as sinful man, are just bent to disobedience.

I would imagine that this kingdom of Solomon’s was the best government that had ever come across our world, even to this day.  A perfect government that was ruled by a righteous king, just as it will be during the future, one-thousand year, reign of Christ.  I would like to experience both of them.  Although that is not possible, I do know that I will experience one of them!  I sure hope that you will be joining me.


Pastor Steve

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