August 19th First Kings chapter 5

Although David wanted to build a temple to honor God, God would not allow it.  God told David that there was too much blood on his hands.  God then told David that his son would build the temple.  David began to put back materials for his son to build the temple even though David knew that he would never see it.

During this peaceful time in Israel we see that when Solomon requested cedars from Lebanon; not only did the king of Tyre make them available, but he was happy to do so.  God had put a soft spot in the surrounding King’s hearts for Solomon.  Solomon shows great leadership and organization in the building of the temple.  As we look at the astronomical number of workers that had been amassed, we realize that Solomon was able to set up a working and very effective chain of command.  The chapter today says that he had 3,300 foremen working under his command.  It is a good thing for the surrounding nations that they were at peace with Israel, because with Solomon’s leadership abilities and attention to detain, he would have been a magnificent general.

Once again we see the heart of Solomon in this chapter.  Solomon could have erected a pyramid as the kings in Egypt did in order to honor their own names.  Solomon could have had a palace constructed with every luxury known to man.  Solomon instead, decided to place his time, money and efforts on the work of the kingdom.  The temple was going to be the place for the mercy seat.  The mercy seat is a picture of Christ and His redemption.  Solomon cared more about the things of God that he did for his own wants and needs.   


Pastor Steve

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