Friday September 23rd Intro to Matthew

It is good to finally be with you again!  I did not plan on taking a break from this blog, but sadly, circumstances demanded it.  I want to give a special thank you for all of those who have contacted me in regards to this blog.  It is very encouraging to know that there are people who have been following it and more importantly, in His Word every day.

We had just finished Second Samuel and began First Kings when we came to our abrupt stop.  I wanted to dip our feet into First Kings in order to understand Solomon’s reign a little before we moved on.  We see in First Kings that Solomon ends up falling into the trap of lust.  Solomon begins to take wives from other nations and cultures and then begins to allow them to perform their religious acts to their idols; the idols that they had brought along with them.  This mistake came with a great price for Israel; in fact it divided the kingdom into two separate kingdoms.  This is why we read of Judah and Israel after this point in First Kings and then again in First Chronicles.

We will now begin studying the book of Matthew together.  We have already gone through the Gospel of John, but as we look at the four Gospels (each, the story of the life of Christ from different perspectives) we see different attributes of Christ.

Matthew’s perspective is the perspective of the Kingship of Christ

Mark’s perspective is that of the servant-hood of Christ

Luke’s perspective focuses on Jesus’ humanness

John shows more of the deity of Christ.

As we begin to study Matthew together we will see this Gospel present: the King who is revealed, the King who is rejected and the King who is returning.  Even the lineage given by Matthew goes back to King David showing the Kingship of Christ.  John, showing the deity of Christ, instead, begins with Jesus being the Word in the very beginning.  Mark gives no lineage because a servant’s lineage was a non issue and Luke, showing the humanness of Christ, traces the lineage of Jesus all the way back to Adam.

I hope that you will consider joining us as we are in the Word together.  Monday’s blog will be focused on Matthew chapter one.  If we were to read this chapter today we would be all set for Monday’s comments on it.

Pastor Steve

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