September 30th Matthew chapter 5a

As we get into Matthew chapter five we find the sermon on the mount.  There is no way to even come close to doing justice to this sermon by studying an entire chapter in one day.  So, I am going to break it down.  If you are in the habit of daily reading, I would like to ask you to read chapter five each day as we study it.  When this is done in repetition, it is amazing how much more clear the passage is.

Jesus, at this point, is giving the only recorded sermon of His entire ministry.  No where else do we see an entire sermon being presented.  When seeing the words of Jesus else where we see snippets of what He is saying.  So, think with me for a moment; How important must these words be?  Jesus’ sermon, if read, is only ten minutes long.  These words are of great importance and they completely destroy the tradition of that day and also today’s.  In this sermon we see the recipe for salvation, Godly living, the desire of the true believer, those who will be forsaken that truly believe they are His, adultery, our witness, judging, anger toward a brother in Christ and much much more.  I hope that you will get as much out of these chapters as I have.

Today we will just start with the first verse of introduction.  It is important to realize why this introduction is mentioned.  Opposite of what we do today, the teachers and rabbis would sit when they began to teach.  When the master was seated it was time to pay attention.  This is why we see in Acts that Paul was trained “under the feet of Gamaliel.” The term under the feet literally meant that students would sit before the master teacher as he taught them in the seated position.  Much like today, when someone rises, we tend to know that they are about to speak and that we should listen.  So we see that these are not just jumbled thoughts that have been placed together by the author, it is instead a sermon that builds, it has a beginning and has a conclusion.

Monday will will begin to look at the beatitudes.  I have been surprised and enlightened by these eight verses more so than any other in scripture.  If the book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ (which it is), I would consider the sermon on the mount the revelation of man.  The beatitudes explain what happens when a person truly repents and I think you will find it quite intriguing.  Can’t wait for Monday!


Pastor Steve


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