October 14th Matthew 5:13-16

If you are just joining this blog Bible study,we usually cover one chapter a day.  Due to the richness of  these three short chapters That record the sermon on the mount, I have decided to go into a bit more detail.Today we will look at the similitudes.

Jesus begins His sermon with the beatitudes. These short phrases sum up the heart of the true follower of Christ.  If one were to sum all eight of them up in a word I believe that the correct word would be broken.  The true follower of Christ is broken over their sin and has repented of it.  Then Jesus begins talking about what these redeemed people are to be like. Jesus uses two different illustrations of what the redeemed are to be. When focusing on these we need to remember that when He says “you are…”  in these phrases, He is using that phrase in an imperative sense.  This means that these are not suggestions, but instead they are the effects of a changed life in Christ.   He does not say that “we should be” or that we “could be” He says that the redeemed ARE these things.  As the reader digests these similitudes, each must look and see if these things are present in their life, for they are the normal traits for the true believer in Christ.

Jesus begins by contrasting the believer with that of light.  Light is something that cannot be hidden when in the darkness.  A light doesn’t have a choice weather or not to shine, it just shines.  Much like the Geico commercials would say “that’s what you do.”  A person who has had a changed life in Christ automatically shines His light; that’s just what they do.  It is not an effort to be worked toward, it is instead just “what you do.”  This is why Jesus illustrates it with a city that is set on a hill.  Not only does it shine, but it cannot be hidden.  Much like the redeemed in Christ, one cannot even hide the changed life in Christ if they wanted to.  Then Jesus also illustrates this again with the light on a stand.  He simply states that it would make little sense to place a light under a basket, but instead it would go on a stand so that all in the house may have light.  The very purpose of the light within us is to shine in a darkened world, much like the very purpose of a light in a house is to illuminate it.  This is the entire purpose for our being; that we may glorify Christ as the world see Him in us.

Friends, if a light doesn’t shine it is not a light at all, it just claims the name.  If Christ doesn’t shine through us, we are not His at all either; we likewise just claim the name. Do you shine with the light of Jesus Christ?


Pastor Steve

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