July 16th II Samuel 5:11-6:23 & I Chronicles 13-16

Today as we read we can see how it may be confusing as we read through these books if the chronological order were to be misunderstood.  We see the story line in II Samuel, but in the Chronicles of of Judah we get a more descriptive narrative.

It may cause us to wonder why Uzzah was struck down as he touched the ark of the covenant; after all he was only trying to help wasn’t he?  Not a lot of detail is given in the story line in II Samuel, but more comes to light when we see the rest of the story in I Chronicles.  God wasn’t not showing wrath against one man for a meaningless infringement, but He was showing the seriousness of not correctly handling the things of God.  On the ark was the mercy seat.  The mercy seat is the picture of the risen Christ, who has paid for our sin.  There were special instructions in dealing with this mercy seat as David realizes after the fact (I Chron. 15:11-15).  This is a very serious picture for us as believers in dealing with the handling of the Gospel.  We cannot “handle Jesus” if you will, in a way that seems fitting to us.  We must come to Him and preach of Him on His terms.  So many people today try to “help” as Uzzah did when handling the most precious things of God.  Some think that they do well by creating an easiesm to the Gospel of the one who provides mercy and sits currently on the mercy seat.  But there is only one way to obtain mercy and that is on His terms.  We do not come before him flippantly quoting a magical prayer that allows us to obtain mercy.  We need to, according to Jesus, come to Him broken and repentant (see Matthew chapter 5).  Luke 9:23 says that we must “take up our cross daily” showing that we are to die to ourselves every day to be a true follower.  Romans states in chapter twelve that we are to be living sacrifices and Paul says in Galatians chapter two that he is “crucified with Christ.”  Those who have truly obtained mercy are the ones who have followed the guidelines laid out by God Himself.  There is no other way but His way and there is no tolerance for any other way.  Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father but by Him; and Jesus preached a gospel of repentance.  John the Baptist preached “repent! for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand”.   John  said “Repent and be baptized for the remittance of sins.  Baptism is the first step of obedience.  Jesus said, in what seemed to be bewilderment: “Why do you call me Lord, but do not do what I tell you to do.”  We cannot come to the mercy seat of Christ on any terms but His and the out come of our own ideas will be fatal.  Sadly, there are myriads of people who will find out too late  (Mathew chapter 7).

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